Request AURA Access


To request access to one of the AURA modules, please click "Request Form" on the left and include the required user information.

Any student, faculty, or staff member with a CNetID, or UCHADID, is eligible to be a registered user (the basic system roles for all modules). NOTE: If you are a student/staff member wishing to submit, or be included, on an IRB study, select the AURA IRB - Registered User role.

Additional administrative roles, or broader viewing/reporting access, require the approval of an administrator with designated approval permissions in the appropriate division/department.

If you are requesting a role other than registered user, please have your supervisor email indicating what roles you should have in the AURA modules.

Request should include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • ChicagoID
  • CNet ID
  • Home Unit & Dept Number (#)
  • Dept Names & Numbers (#) that you need access to in Grants/Agreements

Adding multiple users to AURA?

Faculty, staff members, and IRB study coordinators who need to add 5 or more people to AURA can do so by completing the form available here: Add Multiple Users to AURA, and return to Please allow 2-3 business days to process requests of 10-20 users, and 5 or more business days for requests of 20 or more.      

If you have questions regarding role assignments or other access questions, please email

AURA Grants Roles

Proposal Viewer (PV) role:

  • Role that allows a user to create and view funding proposals and SF424’s and corresponding budgets within the system.
  • In addition to this role, users must also have a security unit(s) established on their profile. This establishes what proposals they are able to view. Access can be given at the institution, division, or department levels.
  • A person must have the approval of their Department Approver to be given the Proposal Viewer role in AURA Grants. Additionally they must complete the University Research Admin (URA) Grants Training at To inquire about Grants training, contact

Department Approver (UA) role:

  • Role that approves proposals for a given unit within workflow.
  • Responsible for ensuring that individual unit policies and procedures related to proposal development and submission are followed.
  • Department Approvers can only be appointed by a current approver within their department. If you are a current Department Approver,  and would like to appoint a new approver for your department, contact

Principal Investigator/Fellow (PI/FW) roles:

  • This is an academic role typically reservered for full time faculty members. More information on PI eligability, see URA's Principal Investigator Eligibility page. 
  • These roles are automatically assigned based upon the Job Code of the individual.
  • PI or FW role may be added via request to Help Desk included approved PI Status request form
  • Conducts the research; completes and submits interim and final technical reports; discloses inventions; retains project data/materials as required; oversees scientific integrity of project; supervises project staff
  • When selected as a PI or multiple PI for a proposal, responsible for completing the appropriate COI and assurance activities and provides final approval for proposal (or designates a delegate to provide final approval)