AURA Support

If you are having problems or have questions regarding the AURA application, please email AURA Help and a member of the URA eRA & Analytics Team will contact you within 24 hours.

The AURA Help Desk provides support during standard business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you need assistance outside these hours, please email AURA Help.

Don’t Have an AURA Account? 

Most students and staff members are not given AURA accounts automatically, but are added on request. To request access to AURA for yourself or someone else, or someone you’d like to sign-up, just visit the Request Access page.

Two-Factor Authentication Required for AURA

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA/DUO) is now required across all AURA applications. Any user who does not have 2FA enabled will receive an error message informing them to enable 2FA. If you have not yet registered for 2FA, please do so at

If you have any questions about 2FA or have issues registering for 2FA authentication, please contact IT Services at or 773.702.5800.

If you’ve successfully registered for 2FA and have requested access for AURA, and still cannot access AURA, please contact AURA Help and include any error message you see when attempting to log in.

    AURA No Such Account

    If you have tried to access an AURA module (GRANTS, AGREEMENTS, IRB, COI-COC, or IBC) from the AURA homepage, but are redirected here instead, then you do NOT have an account in the system yet.

    Please contact the AURA Help Desk at AURA Help and include the following information to request a new account.

    1. First Name:
    2. Last Name:
    3. ChicagoID:
    4. CNetID:
    5. Department:
    6. Roles/Access:
        • If you are unsure, provide a brief description of what you need to do in the system.
          Should you need assistance in finding this information, please visit the IT Services website “Who Am I.”
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