AURA Upgrade Project

To modernize the grant management experience, the University Research Administration’s AURA Grants system is transitioning to an updated platform starting April 15. The new system will facilitate software updates and improve reporting capabilities for sponsored proposals and awards as well as smooth the path to a new financial system.

  • Users will see changes in terminology and the workflow for proposals will have some variation from the current/legacy version. URA will offer multiple training opportunities and resource documents to aid with education on changes between the current and updated versions of the system.

  • The most significant changes to the new AURA Grants system are that proposals will exist separately from award records (all information exists under one record today). Additionally, the University will have the opportunity to have a “one to many” relationship for proposals to awards and vice versa. This means that one proposal may have multiple awards associated with it, which is functionality that does not currently exist.  New functionality will allow for better workload reporting for both URA and the department research administrators.

  • New functionality reporting capabilities will allow for better workload reporting for both URA and the department, which will assist with ensuring that faculty are being provided with optimal administrative support.  New reports and visibility specific to outgoing subawards will also be available within the new system.  

All urgent proposal and award requests must be routed through AURA to URA by April 11th to be migrated to the updated system. Those not received by that date will not be transitioned and will have to be entered into and submitted via the updated system after April 15.

  • After the launch, the legacy system will remain available to all users in a “view/reference” capacity.

  • The most utilized reports will be available one day after launch.  Users will retain the ability to create custom reports within the new system as they have today within the current system.

  • Please see our URA website for the AURA Grants Upgrade landing page. This site will have information such as a project overview, training opportunities and materials, and a list of frequently asked questions. 

For questions about this transition, please contact