Staffing Update - Contracts Team

I am pleased to announce that with the recent hiring of Brandi Garcia and Katy Jones, the University Research Administration (URA) Contract team is now fully staffed. We appreciate your patience as we have gone through this transition due to turnover of staff. Brandi will be transitioning from her current role with URA Pre-Award during the month of January, but going forward the team’s responsibilities break down as follows:

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URA Contracts Team

Name Email Address Phone Number Responsibilities
Stefan Jellicoe, Assistant Director   773-702-2918 Visiting Scientist Agreements and other miscellaneous agreements affecting research activities     
Dan Bristow 773-834-3351  Clinical Trial Agreements and Amendments
Erin Bullok 773-702-2925 Clinical Trial Agreements and Amendments
Brandi Garcia 773-702-1974  Non Profit Foundation and Corporate Research Agreements
Katy Jones 773-702-2918 Data Use Agreements
Disrael Sanchez-Rodriguez 773-702-8601        Material Transfer Agreements and Export Control Reviews
Linda Williams   Confidentiality Agreements

The URA Contracting Team goal is to have an initial review of the agreement completed and comments to the other party within 5 business days from receipt in URA. We will strive to protect the interests of our researchers and the University in every agreement without delaying the research. However, sometimes delays are inevitable and out of our control. In those instances, it is our priority to keep those involved informed of the reason for the delay and the status, and to work with the faculty and department to bring the negotiation to a resolution. If you have questions or concerns regarding the status of any research related agreement, please reach out to these individuals or to me at information and instructions on routing contracts for our review, please visit the Contracts tab on the URA website at

We look forward to continuing to work with each of you!

Michael R. Ludwig
Associate Vice President for Research AdministrationAnd Director, URA
6054 S. Drexel Avenue, Suite 363/Chicago, IL 60637