No Continuing Review Required Communication

Starting in June, an electronic communication will be automatically sent by the AURA system to those identified as the Principal Investigator or the Primary Contact on active studies where a Continuing Review is not required. As there are no longer yearly continuing review requirements and automatic expirations, the communication is intended to remind study teams of which studies are still currently listed as active and the requirements that exist for such studies (e.g., the need for amendments and requirements to close out the study when completed). If the study is ongoing as approved, there is no action needed. The following is a sample of the text found in the letter:

Our records indicate that the above study is still active. This is a reminder that although you are not required to submit Continuing Review requests for the above submission, the University IRB policies require you to continue to:

  • Ensure research team is compliant with applicable human subjects protections training requirements
  • Submit amendments for any changes in the study, including personnel changes
  • Report issues and unanticipated problems
  • Submit a termination report if the study is complete

If the above considerations do not apply, no action is needed at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IRB office.