Introducing AURA Self-registration Pilot

On January 7th 2021, AURA began piloting self-registration for all new users. This means users who do not yet have an AURA account can create one themselves by simply logging into the necessary module at with their CNetID (or UCHAD ID) and password. Once logged in, AURA will create their account and automatically add them to the personnel lists in all modules, with no request email needed.

While the traditional registration processes of requesting accounts, by emailing or using the request form, will still be available, we encourage all new AURA users to first try logging in with their existing username and password, and emailing only if there is a problem with login or registration. Similarly, PI's, administrators and study coordinators should first ask all new students, study team members and co-investigators to sign into AURA prior to requesting access for them at

Please note that automatic registration is for registered users only. If you need to request special administrative privileges in AURA for yourself, or for someone else, those requests will still need to go through or the request from

If you have questions, please contact