FY19 Payroll Verification Reports (PVR) Campus Announcement

Dear Grant Administrators and Divisional Contacts,

This is an informative message regarding the FY19 Payroll Verification Report (PVR) process for salary charged to sponsored awards. In order to maintain timeliness with our institutional certification of payroll on grant accounts, the timeline and process will remain consistent with last year.

At the end of June, URA will generate a preliminary run of PVRs – uploaded to Box. This preliminary run should be used as a tool to identify and process any allowable transfers that may be needed. All payroll transfers must be processed in the first two weeks of July in order to be reflected on the final PVR run in August.

URA will provide these final PVRs in August, after the July ledgers are available. It is anticipated that these will be available in Box for final certification the week of August 6th. Final and certified/signed PVRs will be due September 27th, allowing seven weeks to obtain the required signatures.

This process will be covered in additional detail at the June 17th RA Hot Topics Session at 10am in KCBD 1103.

In advance of the preliminary PVR run the week of June 24th, you may use the following Business Objects reports to confirm payroll allocations have been properly allocated. Payroll transfers should be processed at the time an error is identified.

Business Objects // Standard UCDW Reports à “Payroll Reports” Folder

1) Report Name: PAR-102-Pay History-For Empl ID or Name

Description: Provides payroll history for employee(s) specified by last name over a specified range of pay period end dates.

2) Report Name: PAR-201-Pay History-For FAS Acct

Description: For specified accounts, shows a summary by month of financial activity from FAS and employee compensation activity from PAR over a range of months. Can be run for one or more accounts, and for any range of months.

TENATIVE – FY19 PVR Timeline is detailed below:

Deadline Date


Week of June 24

PRELIMINARY run of FY19 Payroll Verification Reports (PVRs) uploaded to Box as an extra review tool for departments.

July 2 – 10am

July 11 – 2pm

August 8 – 10am


PVR Information Sessions hosted by URA in Drexel, Room 144

July 12, 2019

Final day to submit payroll transfers to correct 7/1/18 – 6/30/19 salary distributions

Week of August 6

FINAL run of FY19 PVRs distributed to campus via Box

August 12 – September 27

Department Admins obtain certification/signature of PVRs with PIs

September 27, 2019

Signed PVRs due – uploaded to Box (along with Log).

Thank you,
Natasha Meier
Assistant Director, Post Award Administration
P: (773) 702-8605