DUA & MTA - Transition to ServiceNow

Dear Colleagues,

This is to remind you that AURA Grants will be offline Friday, April 12th and to provide guidance on migrating pending MTAs and DUAs to ServiceNow. Most if not all of you have already been using ServiceNow since the March 1st launch date to submit new MTAs and DUAs. After April 12th, all pending (i.e., not “Active” or “Closed/Complete”) FPs in AURA for incoming MTAs and DUAs will need to be recreated in ServiceNow.

Guidelines for completing the MTA and DUA forms in ServiceNow can be found at https://uchicago.app.box.com/s/30d42yc4igt7o9u8g0mgge623x0sbr4w.

Pending outgoing MTAs and outgoing DUAs submitted prior to March 1st will not need to be input into ServiceNow since they were never in AURA. New outgoing MTAs and DUAs should continue to be submitted in ServiceNow.

Please note that the information required in the ServiceNow forms is different from the information required by the AURA record. Please see the content of the available forms at https://uchicago.service-now.com/sso?id=ssc_sc_category&sys_id=7ec6692313e7ae0012c2bc122244b062 so that you are aware of what information the PI needs to provide.

Due to the expected high volume of incoming requests, the URA will be enforcing a policy of cancelling any ServiceNow forms that are not complete or that have inappropriately vague descriptions of the use or purpose of the data/materials such as “Research.” Areas of the form that are missing information will be noted. Please be sure to include the AURA FP# and the following description in the “Comments” box at the end of the form: “Recreated from AURA FP0XXXXX.” This will enable the ready distinction of agreements that have already begun to be processed from new agreements that are to be reviewed for the first time.

Thank you for your patience and your assistance in this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me or Stefan Jellicoe (jellicoe@uchicago.edu), the new Assistant Director for Contracts Management, know.

Best regards,
Kali Frampton, J.D.
Contract Specialist
(773) 834-4833