AURA IRB Update – February 25, 2016

Please be advised the AURA IRB system will be offline for an enhancement patch this evening – Thursday, 2/25/2016 from 5:15PM – 7:15PM. Also see the message below, from the AURA Technical Team, regarding the change to how amendments are created in the system.

As always, please contact your IRB office or email if you have any questions regarding this system upgrade.

– Aaron

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Dear Colleagues,

In an effort to improve the overall performance of AURA IRB, we’re adjusting the process for creating amendments and their modified studies (draft copy of the study) so that we reduce the locking of system resources and consequently the number of system freezes. The creator of amendments, especially for large studies, will also benefit by the elimination of system time outs. This change will become effective tonight, February 25th.

What is different? How does that impact me as an amendment creator?

You will continue creating amendments as usual. The main difference will consist in the elapsed time to start editing the modified study.

Remember: the amendment form is only an introduction/justification for the changes to be presented to the IRB office through the modified study; make sure that you have edited the modified study (as applicable) before you submit.

Although the time for creating a modified study depends on the size of your study (documents and data), most will be created in less than 3-5 minutes (or by the time that you reach the last page on the Amendment form). During the wait time, you will see a status banner (as illustrated below) which will automatically get replaced with the link/or buttons to access the modified study. Please note that you can perform other activities while waiting for the modified study to appear.

IRB Amendment Change 1.jpg

Thank you,
The AURA Team