AURA IBC Update - December 8, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

This email is to remind you that AURA-IBC, a web-based protocol submission and management system, is scheduled for release to the UC research community on 1/5/2015 and to again inform you of the following:

  • In order to facilitate this transition from the paper-based Adobe forms to the AURA electronic format, a cutoff date of December 12, 2014 has been established for submission of protocols or amendments via our current Adobe-based system.  After this date, no new IBC Protocol submissions, no resubmitted IBC protocols nor amendments to active IBC protocols on the existing Adobe format will be accepted.

  • Beginning on January 5, 2015, the new AURA-IBC system will be operational and the following procedures will be implemented:

    • All new and resubmitted IBC protocols must be submitted via AURA-IBC.

    • Procedural amendments to currently active IBC protocols will only be accepted via completion of a comprehensive IBC application via the IBC “Smartform” in AURA-IBC.  The current PDF version of the approved IBC protocol will be available as an attachment (one PDF document) and will be found on the AURA-IBC “workspace”. This application will then be treated as an IBC protocol resubmission and once approved will be valid for three years.

    • Amendments requesting to only add new staff or new funding sources can be submitted via AURA-IBC without completing the AURA IBC Smartform in its entirety.  

    • In time, IBC approval of protocols submitted via the AURA IBC system will be contingent upon successful completion of IBC required training by PIs and all staff named on a given protocol, as detailed in the IBC Policy & procedure Manual. However, we recognize the need to acclimate the research community of this training requirement and will work with PIs and research staff to ensure that this requirement does not unnecessarily delay research activities. If you are not certain of the compliance status of your research team relative to completion of required training, please contact the IBC Office (2-9203). Also, please contact the Office of Biological Safety (4-2707) to schedule training for your lab.

    • For protocols soon to expire, email notices requesting resubmissions via AURA-IBC will be sent.  If applicable, please ensure that you forward emails from your account to the email address you frequently monitor.  Information on how to do that can be found at:

AURA-IBC Training:  IBC Office staff will be providing web-based training that PIs and staff can access on demand.  Also offered will be group sessions that will provide a general overview of the navigation and use of AURA-IBC.  Finally, staff of the IBC Office and the Office of Biological Safety will be available upon request to conduct personal one-on-one AURA-IBC training sessions for PIs and staff.  More information on training will be provided as it becomes available.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Director, Regulatory Compliance for Laboratory Programs
University Research Administration