AURA IBC Update – May 22, 2015

Please be advised that AURA IBC will be taken offline for an enhancement patch TODAY – 5/22/2015 from 3PM to 6PM. During this time, the technical team will make the following system enhancements:

  1. Enhance the preparation of funding amendments by allowing the study’s PI to select FPs that belong to study staff members
  2. Facilitate the finding of protocols for IBC specialists and BSOs by distributing the protocols through dedicated tabs: My Inbox, My Reviews, [IBCS | BSO] Inbox, [IBCS |BSO] Reviews
  3. Send Email Notifications when Personnel-Funding Amendment is Approved
  4. Supplement IBC office documentation records by copying email address when a three year resubmission (day 0) notification is sent
  5. Notify staff members who have edit authority and are alternate contacts when notifications are sent to the PI
  6. Fixed data presentation issue where training dates for Team Members appeared misaligned under tab “Personnel Training”
  7. Fixed an issue where people who were previously removed from a protocol received notifications of approval as if they were still included in the protocol
  8. Fixed an issue where the protocol submission date was being updated every time that an amendment was submitted
  9. Fixed an issue where the amendment approval letter was including an expiration date for the amendment itself when amendments by nature don’t have one. The amendment expiration date is no longer displayed as it was leading to think that it was in reference to the protocol’s.
  10. Fixed an issue where a resubmission was approved before the expiration date of the original protocol and that original protocol was still displaying the original expiration date as opposed to displaying the date from when the resubmission was approved.
  11. Made “Take Ownership” activity available for the BSO in every state where Complete Risk Assessment is available

If you have any questions please contact us via the AURA Help Desk @