AURA Grants Update – February 17, 2018

The AURA Grants System will be taken offline for an enhancement patch Saturday, Feb 17th from 9AM-12PM.

The system is being updated to include pertinent updates to current business processes and in preparation of additional process changes that will be communicated in the following weeks/months. A portion of Monday’s URA Hot Topics session will be dedicated to discussing these changes.

A summary of the AURA Grants system updates, along with the presentation from RAHT, will be emailed out after Monday's session.

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AURA Grants Patch Summary:

  • Instances of “Sponsored Award Accounting Administrator” text have been updated to “Account Create Team Specialist” in smart form questions, help text, and within activities
  • Agency/Sponsor Deliverables (View 21) include three new options:
    • Final Invention Statement
    • Final Property Report
    • Closeout Report/Final Financial Report
  • Concurrent Request Types have been alphabetized and include one new option:
    • Closeout/Final Financial Report
  • Award Restrictions (View 22) have been updated to align with current URA metrics, and allow for better reporting of “Other” restrictions
  • Clinical Trial workflow validations updated so that all required questions (red asterisks) must be answered before routing to CT Advance Review
  • Financial Summary Tab (FP Workspace) updated to include a FAS Category for Outgoing Subawards
  • Foreign Activity or Involvement (View 9) questions updated to align with current URA reporting requirements, expanding to include more than just paid participants
  • NIH Salary Cap updated to $189,600. New FPs will automatically default to the updated cap
  • FP Specific PI Declarations – update in question 2 to clarify the language
    • Current: Could the work discussed in this proposal be perceived as related to an outside financial interest that you have?
    • Updated: Does the work proposed involve any data, materials or devices obtained from a company in which you have a financial interest, or in the case of a corporate sponsor have you received any payments, stock or equity from this sponsor in the past 2 years?