AURA Grants Update

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great winter break.  The AURA Grants upgrade was successful and can be accessed at

The URA team has identified a few minor bugs over the weekend and the Technical Team is working on addressing them. 

a. Ancillary Review Notifications: AR Notifications are not displayed; however, AR is behaving properly and related system emails related to AR are being sent out. 

b. "Specify Special instructions" on the FP Smartform is currently not allowing any text entry. If you need to use this field and provide additional information please notify URA directly. 

If you identify any other issues or require assistance please contact  

Also please do not forget that there is a training available on Thursday, January 7th and 3pm. To participate in this training, please sign up on the UChicago Training Site here.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.

Jennifer A. Ponting, JD
Executive Director, Sponsored Programs
p: 773.834.5092 | f: 773.702.2142