AURA Grants 8 Upgrade – April 15

Grant administrators,

As we prepare for department training on the upgraded system and go-live on 4/15, this email serves as a reminder regarding pending proposals and award actions.

If you have a proposal submission or award action due near the date of 4/15, please make every effort to route the item to URA by close of business on 4/11 or withdraw the FP/CR.  Proposals and Concurrence Requests in workflow will not be migrated to the new system.  All proposals must be routed to “Pending Sponsor Response” in order to be migrated. Please review and make updates to all records for your department in any of the following states:

  • Proposal Development
  • Unit Review and Approval
  • Unit Changes Requested
  • Unit Approved with Comments
  • Unit Non-S2S Submission
  • JIT-Unit Submission
  • CR Draft
  • CR PI Review

Proposals in the states listed above must be completed and in a “Pending Sponsor Response” state for migration. URA will be monitoring all other states. If you need assistance in determining next steps for any of these proposals, please contact your URA Pre-Award Research Administrator for assistance.

There will be no overlap of current AURA Grants and AURA Grants 8, so please plan accordingly.  If you have a proposal or award activity due between April 11-16, please work with your URA Research Administrator to devise a plan for routing and submission.

If you have questions, please email

Jessica Lawrence
Executive Director of Sponsored Programs