AURA COI Update – June 7, 2016

Please be advised that AURA COI will be taken offline for an enhancement patch tomorrow, Thursday – 6/07/2016 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM.

The update will include:

  • Enabled “rollover” of Management Plans so that they follow the discloser year after year for as long as the COI exists
  • Added ability to issue multiple Acknowledgement letters
  • Enabled exclusion of event dates in the copying of “Previous Financial Interests” so that the discloser has to review and edit before submitting
  • Added visual cues to the Disclosure Certificate workspace so that the Discloser knows when the form has not yet been submitted
  • Edited instructions on Final Page of the form so that disclosers can easily find the “Finish” button, especially when using wide screens.
  • Added button to Disclosure Certificate workspace so that the Disclosure Certificate form can be submitted without having to go back to the Final Page of the form
  • Added tab “Management Plans” to COIA UCM Personal Page so that COI Administrators at UCMC can see Management Plans issued by UC
  • Updates a link to the UC policy web page (re: “Under the Policy” in UC - What to Disclose)
  • Fixes an issue where the flag “Has Management Plan” says “No” when the discloser does have active management plans
  • Other bug fixes, data management enhancements, and other internal maintenance

Aaron House
Assistant Director, Training and eRA
University Research Administration