AURA COI & AURA GRANTS Update – June 30, 2019

Please be advised that AURA COI & AURA GRANTS will be off-line for system updates this Sunday, June 30th from 5PM – 12AM for an update. The system will be temporarily unavailable during this time.

Please see a brief summary for each system below.


  • Preparing the system to send 2019-2020 Financial Disclosure Forms
    • On Monday, July 1st 2019
      • Faculty will receive a notification that their 2019-2020 Financial Disclosure Form is available. The form is intended to capture all commercial relationships and external activities they will engage in from July 1st 2019 through June 30th 2020
      • It will be continuously available for real-time updating and editing through June 30th 2020


  • Fixing bugs/issues identified during stabilization; reported to the AURA Help Desk (thank-you!)
    • Fixes Ancillary Review “View” link on Award Modifications, allowing users to now see additional detail when executing the "Submit Ancillary Review" activity
    • Fixes issue where Department Viewers/Reviewers could not access certain SF424s
    • Fixes issue(s) with Revision FPs inheriting data from parent FP
      • Resets Budget Total
      • Resets Application Submission Deadline Date
      • Resets Assurances (in Personnel Compliance)
    • Renamed column "Award" to "Parent Award ID" in Tab Award Modifications
    • Notification from “Send Email” activity now contains link to the FP
    • Prevent SF424 and FOA projects from showing in user inboxes
    • Removed extra JIT attachments section from FP Attachments tab
    • Replaced column "DUNS Number" with "HR Org ID" in Submitting Department chooser menus

If you should have any questions (or issues) please notify us @