AURA-COI and changes with proposal/award processing

PDF of Annoucement to Campus sent on 8/01/2013

1. On July 22, 2013, the academic staff received the AURA-COI instructions via email for updating their 2013 COI Disclosure for activities between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 as required by University policy.  These include:

  • Completion of the COI disclosure is required annually
  • All academic staff notified on July 22 are required to update their most recent Disclosure (even if they updated their disclosure shortly before July 22nd).


2. Beginning September 1, 2013, completion of the new 2013 COI Disclosure will be required for all Principal Investigators/Program Directors and Key Personnel (faculty and academic staff) listed on proposals and awards. 

  • Proposals will not be submitted if the PD/PI and/or other academic staff who are identified as Key Personnel have not completed their COI for 2013 (i.e. having a disclosure date on or after 7/22/2013). 
  • Likewise, awards will not be accepted and distributed until all PD/PI and academic staff have completed the 2013 COI Disclosure (i.e. having a disclosure date on or after 7/22/2013).


3. Beginning September 1, 2013, for Agencies compliant with PHS COI policies, all proposals and awards will also require completion of the COI-CITI training for all “Investigators”.  (“Investigators” are defined as anyone involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of the project).

  • Proposals will not be submitted if the PD/PI and/or PHS-defined investigators have not completed COI-CITI training
  • Likewise, awards will not be accepted and distributed until the PD/PI and/or PHS-defined investigators have completed the COI-CITI training.
  • NOTE: COI-CITI training is required every 4 years. Therefore, if individuals completed this training last year, their training obligation is complete for 4 years.


The AURA-Grants system will have an enhancement to display the current COI Disclosure and COI-CITI training dates.  This is scheduled for August 9 and the data will be populated beginning August 16, 2013. Additionally, a field to identify PHS Investigators will be available for identifying those personnel who meet the PHS definition of investigator.  Once this enhancement is installed, the proposals creators/department administrators will be able to clearly see in the Funding Proposal who will need to complete either the AURA-COI or COI-CITI requirements and be able to notify impacted individuals to complete the required information prior to proposal submission and award acceptance.

If you have specific questions regarding the institutional COI policy or AURA-COI, please contact Susan Zonia (; 2-4857).

Please contact your URA Manager or the AURA-Help Desk ( with any questions regarding AURA-Grants.




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